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Cant wait? Want a Custom Video Lesson?

So, I have a lot of people on a waiting list for FaceTime/Skype lessons. So I had an idea and it is working rather well!


With such a demand internet lessons, it really stresses me out because I want to teach everyone:  but I don't have enough time. So I came up with "Custom Video Lessons."

You Email Me a Video with Your Concerns


Film a YouTube video of yourself asking whatever questions you have. (Make it an unlisted video to keep it private). Talk about where you are stuck or what is on your mind. Feel free to show me on your  guitar or just talk about your questions. Share the video with me on the form below.

I Send YOU a Custom Private Video Lesson Response


I will address your issues, and show you what you should be practicing and how to advance your mind and fingers as per your questions. Each Video Is 100% guaranteed. If I did not NAIL your question and deliver an awesome custom lesson, I will give you a complete refund. I take teaching very seriously and want to make your Journey fun and exciting.

More About Custom Video Lessons

Step 1. You Record a Video with your questions. Step 2. Upload it to YouTube (and Make it Unlisted) Step 3. Fill Out the Form Below. Step 4. Wait patiently for about 7 to 10 Days while I make you your own private video with supplemental charts (if needed) 

Just fill out the Form Below. Once I decide to go ahead with your video, and you approve the idea, I will send you a Square Payment Invoice. Once payment is received, I will start the video process. 

 Each Custom Video is $65.

If I end up using your idea for a StichMethod Video, You Get a Complete Refund!

Rock On

Custom Video Request Form

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