NeverLost Live Workshop Highlights

Neverlost Live Next workshop 5/30-6/1 in Sarasota, florida At The Aloft Hotel Downtown!

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE IS THINKING YOU AREN'T READY FOR THIS...YOU ARE! If you are a fan of StichMethod at any level. I Promise You Will Learn a Ton! Delivered in The Relaxed and Understandable StichMethod Fashion!


This intimate and amazing workshop discussing how guitarists NEED to look at how music really works, and how it is applied to the guitar, is limited to only 25 attendees. 

Who is this For? It is for anyone who can play scales and chords, but wants to put it all together. If you are an intermediate or advanced player, but have questions on how its done, then this is for you. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BRING AN ACOUSTIC GUITAR (if you do not have one, contact me and I will see if I can provide you with one) There will be electrics for people to play on when needed. It is just easier to hear yourself and others with the acoustic during the workshop lectures.

What is this Workshop About?

NeverLost Live  is a workshop designed to give any musician the absolute foundational structure of music. How to use it on the guitar and then decode any future endeavors with ease and true understanding that only Stich can deliver!


  • Get your guitar learning UNSTUCK
  • Get a truly personalized guitar roadmap
  • Learn how to make complex ideas simple
  • Simplify the fretboard and how it works
  • Navigate the guitar neck with ease and understanding
  • Get a complete printed educational system to take home 
  • Understand how to play chords and solos 
  • Work and learn along side other players  with similar skills

We will be discover and discussing...

The True foundation of Music Theory.

Keys, Modes, Progressions with Ease.

CAGED work like you have never seen it!

Pentatonic, Full Scales and Melodies, 

Blues Concepts and...Truly Truly 

understanding how to apply it to your instrument.

My Goal is to give you the solid foundation of music so that you can be like "Neo" from The Matrix, and decode anything you want to in the future and be the best guitarist you can be!

What is Included in this Exclusive Event

Each ticket sold, will include...

 A 15 minute meet and greet skill assessment live on FaceTime or Skype before the event.

 This will help me see where you are and custom fit the workshop around the needs of the entire class. 

Then you will embark on a 3 Day / 21 hour awesome and enthusiastic workshop, which includes:

A 4 Night Stay at Aloft Hotel (Where the Workshop Is)

Your own personalized take home StichMethod Binder with all the charts and notes necessary for the class. 

Breakout "Play and Jam Seesions" to apply what we are learning

Catered Meals during the Workshop

StichMethod "SWAG BAGS".

After Workshop Hangouts with Stich

A passionate and enthusiastic take on guitar that you have never seen before, guaranteed to make you go "Ah-Ha!"

 And, every person who attends will get a bonus 30 minute FaceTime or Skype Lesson, no earlier than 90 days after the event to give you ample time to study and ask questions. 

I will also be looking for people to hire as T.A.s for my next workshop!

Neverlost Live Questions You Might Have

Am I too old or young to attend?

This was the one thing everyone was concerned while thinking about buying a ticket. I talked to each attendee and they thought that they wouldn't be in a group with their peers. Once they arrived they saw that they were all in the same boat and felt extremely comfortable.  There were ages ranging from 32 to 70.  No matter your age, you are ready for this. 

Do I bring and electric or acoustic?

After hosting the first NeverLost Live workshop. I have made the decision to have the guests bring only acoustic guitars at the this workshop. This allows everyone to hear themselves and play with others with confidence. Everything you learn at this workshop can be done on acoustic or electric. If you usually play an electric, don't worry, you can take what you learn here and easily translate it to anywhere on the electric. I promise. I will also have several electric guitars there for us to play as well when needed.

Is it too much info? Will I feel overwhelmed?

I did designed this workshop to go over a lot of information, BUT, it is done in such a manner that will  flow, and feel extremely comfortable, so much so, that when you leave, you can easily continue your education with the Included Binder with no issues. One attendee said, every question they had in their head during the workshop was answered on the next page. They feared they were going to be overwhelmed but it really went smoothly. The same will be for you. I promise.

Can I just get the binder and not attend the workshop?


Right now, the binder that is part of the workshop is a companion guide. It goes with the way I teach and present the workshop information. It is not written so much as a book as it is reference material. 

Is there a Cancellation Policy?


If you buy a ticket and need to cancel, there are certain fees and timelines associated with the cancellation. If you cancel  60 Days before the event, a cancellation fee of $400 will be deducted from your refund. If you cancel between 59-30 Days before the event a $500 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund. If you cancel with 29 days or less from the even, a cancelation fee of $600 will be deducted from your refund.  Please contact Stich with any questions using the form below.

Can I Make Payments Instead?

YES! If you would like to pay for the ticket with a payment plan,  please email StichMethod@gmail. com in subject please put (Payment Option)

Aloft Hotel

Located Downtown and Minutes from the Marina and Great Restaurants: We will be having the workshop in the convention center of the hotel and utilizing all of the great hotel areas to learn and play in.

1401 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida 34236, United States

3 Days Workshop, Limited to Only 25 attendees

Single Ticket $2199 (3 Day Workshop Pass Plus Hotel Stay)

Bring A Buddy Discount Ticket $1999 Each Including Separate Hotel Rooms ($3998 For 2 Tix)

Buy 2 tickets and get $200 off each ticket. Each attendee will get their own Hotel Room. Bring a friend... Save and Jam!

Click Here For Purchase!

No Hotel Option $1750 (3 Day Workshop Only)

This gives you the option to enjoy the entire workshop plus meals, but stay someplace that you choose. 

Click Here For Purchase!

Any Questions?

Please Feel Free To Ask Anything!

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